Обложка книги Pinocchio


ISBN: 1933327006;
Издательство: Purple Bear Books
Страниц: 136

Book DescriptionThe carpenter Gepetto has carved an extraordinary marionette called Pinocchio out of a special piece of wood. But what a scamp that Pinocchio turns out to be! He pulls off Gepetto's wig and races out the door in search of adventure. Pinocchio finds plenty, but he is so mischievous and so very disobedient that despite the advice of Cricket and the Blue Fairy, he always seems to land in trouble. Yet Pinocchio is also kindhearted and loving, traits that, if he can only learn to behave, may help him realize his dream of becoming a real boy. For over a hundred years, children have delighted in this tale, now in a handsome new edition for a new generation.

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