Обложка книги Squeaky: The Beginning

Squeaky: The Beginning

ISBN: 080596701X;
Издательство: Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.
Страниц: 34

Book DescriptionLittle Squeaky was outside playing with his family when a cat chased him into a pipe, which led him into a big house. Frightened and alone, he wonders how he?ll make it on his own. He finds the answer when he discovers a whole new family of animals?all different kinds?who come to life when the human owners are away for the winter. During that time, they have free run of the house. Although they might be mortal enemies in the wild, within the confines of the house, they are a helpful, caring, and concerned family who depend on one another for their very lives. As they welcome Squeaky into their family and help him learn to survive, they experience many adventures together, including celebrating holidays, making it through harsh winter storms, and the near loss of one of the valued members of their family. In doing so, they impart the lesson that family is more than those related to you by blood?they are those...