Обложка книги Storytime Stickers: Magic Fairy Forest (Storytime Stickers)

Storytime Stickers: Magic Fairy Forest (Storytime Stickers)

ISBN: 1402718063;
Издательство: Sterling
Страниц: 16

Book Description The invitations to the once-in-a-millenium party have arrived--and every child's presence is requested! Once every thousand years, deep in the magic forest, the fairies hold a special dance. The time is now, so make sure to invite all the enchanted guests: the royal family in their castle; trolls, gnomes, elves, and leprechauns; animals in the magical barn; winged beings up in "cloud city"; and water creatures in the hidden glen. Pretty stickers make each picture captivating, and kids will love creating this fairytale world.

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