Обложка книги The War of Sudden Light

The War of Sudden Light

ISBN: 059535727X;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 260

Book DescriptionKing Ryence of Ordal has fought diligently against the Faeries, yet his people are ashamed of his efforts, especially when he surrenders to the Faerie Realm. But at the treaty signing, the King of the Faeries discovers disturbing information and flees Emory longs to be a knight, but the other boys tease him and call him weak. That changes when Emory receives a wonderful opportunity. A knight offers him an apprenticeship, and Emory is soon swept into an adventure that leads him to the castle, to the king, and out of the city on a path that forks and leads into enemy territory. But the King and Emory face several disturbing questions: What is the mysterious prophesy that caused the Faerie King to not sign the surrendertreaty? Why has the heir to the throne been taken? On what mission has Emory been sent? And who is the mysterious sorceress who pledges her life to defend the realm of Men?