Обложка книги Wall On 7th Street

Wall On 7th Street

ISBN: 0738707155;
Издательство: Llewellyn Publications
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionAdjusting to his parents divorce is a tough way to spend the summer for twelve-year-old Toby. Missing his dad and his friends, Toby tries to get to know his new, multicultural neighborhood, but right away he notices something creepy about7th Street: everyone is sullen and angry. They all seem to be afraid of a teen gang that rules the neighborhood. Are they behind the mysterious car fires, packs of wild dogs, and a freak hailstorm? No one has answers except for Tobys only friend, Moe,a homeless man who lives near an old warehouse bearing the gangs repulsive graffiti. One wall depicts a despicable mural of horror and violence that has a magical effect on the neighborhood. By tapping into its centuries-old power - linked to a famous Iroquois peacemaker - Toby and Moe find the courage to fight the gang and take back their neighborhood.

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