Обложка книги Zen Tails: No Presents Please (Zen Tails)

Zen Tails: No Presents Please (Zen Tails)

ISBN: 189496523X;
Издательство: Simply Read Books
Страниц: 28

Book DescriptionGrizzel Bear is angry. He stomps the flowers, he grumbles, he complains. The sun is in his eyes, the trees are in his way, and the wind musses his fur. On the path he meets Guru Walter Wombat, who is full of love and compassion. As Grizzel rages, Walter smiles and refuses to accept Grizzel's anger. "You tried to give me a stomp on the head, a bone crunching Grizzel Bear squeeze and a punch on the nose. I would not want those presents even if it was my birthday." This beautifully illustrated tale offers children gentle lessons in learning to control angry feelings, both their own and others'.

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