Обложка книги Elisa Michaels, Bigger & Better (Riverside Kids)

Elisa Michaels, Bigger & Better (Riverside Kids)

ISBN: 0060096020;
Издательство: HarperCollins
Страниц: 128

Book Description Now that Elisa's in second grade, she's taking charge of whatever comes her way -- from a baby-sitter who doesn't know how to change a diaper to an airplane trip without her parents. Of course, it's not easy taking charge when your big brother thinks you're too little and your little brother runs amok! But Elisa is determined to make everything work out in the end. And what better way to celebrate being seven and a half than a day of eating nothing but chocolate. Chocolate cookies, chocolate milk, chocolate bars . . . chocolate and more chocolate, from morning to night. With these delicious new episodes from the whirlwind life of Elisa Michaels, Johanna Hurwitz entertains us once again with a vivid portrayal of family life as seen from four feet tall.