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James Howe

Howie Monroe and the Doghouse of Doom (Tales From the House of Bunnicula)

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ISBN: 0689839529
Издательство: Aladdin
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 112
Amazon.comWho'd've thunk J.K. Rowling's work would be parodied by a clever, wire-haired dachshund pup? Fortunately, that's no indignity, seeing as we're talking about none other than Howie Monroe, the budding canine author of other Tales from the House of Bunnicula. Bunnicula fans already know (and likely love) Howie, and it's a treat to watch him sink his teeth into the first Harry Potter book. (Although, admittedly, Howie doesn't see it that way: "This is a serious work of fiction!!!! I can'tbelieve my editor would call it a parody !") Just as in It Came from Beneath the Bed! , this installment alternates between entries in Howie's writing journal (complete with authorial advice from his Uncle Harold) and chapters in the story that Howie's writing about a lovable, plucky, wire-haired dachshund named Howie. Howie (the plucky character) leaves home to attend the Dogwiz Academy for Canine Conjurers, and that's just the beginning of his uncanny resemblance to...