Обложка книги It's Itchcraft (Zack Files)

It's Itchcraft (Zack Files)

ISBN: 0448428881;
Издательство: Grosset & Dunlap
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionZack is nervous about the fifth-grade Halloween dance. He doesn't know how to dance and he doesn't have a date! When Zack meets Prudence, a beautiful girl who speaks with a funny accent and dresses in old-fashioned clothing, he's smitten.He thinks he's found the perfect date for the dance! Prudence is so different from the rest of the kids he knows. She's actually come from the past-the year 1692 to be exact-and she's fleeing the Salem witch trials! Will Zack and Prudence even make it tothe dance, or will she have to return to the past? Read on to find out! Illustrated by Jack E. Davis