Обложка книги One Monkey Too Many

One Monkey Too Many

ISBN: 0152047646;
Издательство: Voyager Books
Страниц: 32

Amazon.comA bike is for just one monkey to ride, right? Well, not if another monkey jumps on the handlebars. "Hooray, the two shouted. / We're having such fun. / This bike is far better for two / than for one!" That is, until they hit a bump in the road and monkeys go flying. One Monkey Too Many playfully explores the hazards of loading too many monkeys into a golf cart, canoe, or hotel bed, and finally, into the picture book itself: "Six, said the author. / "This book is for six. / The pages are full, / so no more of your tricks." Even that doesn't stop extra pesky monkeys from sneaking into the picture. Lynn Munsinger's thoroughly charming, expressive illustrations add energy and humor to Jackie French Koller's already vivacious rhymes. Children will love the fact that the monkeys gleefully ignore the warnings of the well-meaning adults, as well as the page-splattering chaos that ensues when one monkey too many is along for the ride. Kids will also enjoy locating the...