Обложка книги The Graves Family

The Graves Family

ISBN: 0399240349;
Издательство: Philomel
Страниц: 48

Book DescriptionThe Graves family has just moved to Union City, and they definitely don't fit in. With giant spiders in the living room, a voracious Venus flytrap named Phoebe in the kitchen, and a secret laboratory in the basement, the neighbors are afraid to visit! Except for Seth and Sara Miller, the kids next door, who decide to help them make friends. Maybe if Mr. Graves gives all the bald men in town his amazing hair-growing tonic, which he developed from the follicles of house cats? It seems like a great idea-until the tonic-dosed town council starts chasing birds and running up trees! And then Phoebe nearly devours the Ladies' Auxiliary Garden Club-will the Graves family ever find a way to fit in? This picture book is one of Polacco's funniest ever, with wild, colorful illustrations filled with creepy details that kids will love. And it has a beautiful message as well: differences should be celebrated, not feared!

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