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James Marshall

Wings : A Tale of Two Chickens

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ISBN: 0618316590
Издательство: Houghton Mifflin
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 32
Book DescriptionSensible Harriet has to rescue silly Winnie from the clutches of Mr. Johnson, who Winnie fails to recognize as a fox. Never were two chickens more different than Harriet and Winnie. Harriet kept busy with many hobbies, while flighty Winnie was often bored. So when that sly fox Mr. Johnson happened by Winnie"s garden, she couldn"t resist the chance to live a little and climbed into the basket of his balloon. Now it"s up to Harriet to save her foolish friend from Mr. Johnson"s fricassee pot—and there are chases galore, hairsbreadth escapes, clever disguises, and lots more tomfoolery before she does. James Marshall"s clever wit and lively sense of the absurd keep this hilarious romp rollicking along from start to cliff-hanging finish.