Обложка книги Froggy Goes to the Doctor (Froggy)

Froggy Goes to the Doctor (Froggy)

ISBN: 0142401935;
Издательство: Puffin Books
Страниц: 32

Amazon.comKids who go to the doctor for a routine checkup shouldn't worry too much. Unless they accidentally throw a paper airplane ("zwish!") into the doctor's eye. Or forget to wear underwear. ("Oops!") Or kick the doctor in the chin when she's testing knee reflexes with a little rubber hammer. ("Clack!") The beloved Froggy is his usual out-of-control self in Dr. Mugwort's office, and preschoolers pondering an impending doctor visit will be relieved to know it won't be too bad, might be fun, and could even involve a gold star or a lollipop. Jonathan London and illustrator Frank Remkiewicz disarm their young readers with giggles in books from Froggy Learns to Swim to Froggy Goes to School . Froggy's silly sound effects and slapstick antics guarantee a lively read-aloud. If laughter is indeed the best medicine, it's good to have a little Froggy on hand. (Preschool and older) --Karin Snelson Book Description Froggy is going to the doctor for a checkup, and...