Обложка книги Hayyim's Ghost

Hayyim's Ghost

ISBN: 1932687025;
Издательство: Pitspopany Press
Страниц: 40

Book DescriptionA classic Jewish tale. Hayyim wakes up one morning only to find out that the entire town thinks he?s "gone to Heaven." But he?s still here! With the help of the Rabbi, Hayyim sets out to find out what really happened. A humorous"Kimmelesque" story that children and adults will enjoy. Eric A. Kimmel has written over 50 children?s books, winning The Caldecott and Children?s Choice awards, as well as The 2004 Storytelling World Award for The Brass Serpent and The National Jewish Book Finalist Award for Why the Snake Crawls on its Belly. The secret to Eric?s incredible success lies in his love of storytelling. "I read my story aloud over and over again," he reveals, "trying to capture the music and rhythm of the words."