Обложка книги How Santa Lost His Job

How Santa Lost His Job

ISBN: 0689871473;
Издательство: Aladdin
Страниц: 32

Amazon.comAuthor-illustrator team Stephen Krensky and S.D. Schindler are once again intent on demystifying the big guy in red?. They seem to be having a good time doing it, and it's pretty hard not to get caught up in the fun. Just as they didin How Santa Got His Job , a tongue-in-cheek account of Santa's circuitous entree into the Christmas biz, Krensky and Schindler go behind the scenes to tell another true story from the life of Mr. Claus. This time, the trouble starts in the North Pole employee break room, as some of the elves are grumbling over coffee and donuts about Santa's annual procrastination and last-minute rush: "Why can't Santa plan better?" "How come he's so slow?" One bespectacled elf named Muckle goes further: "Santa is too set in his ways.... He wastes time and energy." Sure, but what can you do? Santa's "only human." And that gives Muckle his big idea. In a few months, the Deliverator is unveiled, an automated, UFO-style, ...

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