Обложка книги The Fall of the Packard Motor Car Company

The Fall of the Packard Motor Car Company

ISBN: 0804731659;
Издательство: Stanford University Press
Страниц: 324

"Ward is one of our nation's top transportation historians. He chronicles Packard's curious rapid fall in a beautiful book with more plot twists and turns and odd characters than a Sam Spade murder mystery. Because Ward is curious about the interplay between institution and personalities, the book comes alive... Resplendent with generous helpings of Packard photos." - Chattanooga Free Press. "Packard elegance is a fading mystery, and this handsome volume serves as a respectful but realistic obituary." - Journal of American History. "This is clearly a work of history that stands, in the automotive field, in a class by itself... Like the mighty Packard Twelve, this one is a classic." - The Packard Comorant. "Ward's gracefully written narrative examines the many factors that pushed Packard out of business: financial challenges, demographic trends, marketing and advertising decisions, government action and inaction, and 'unforeseeable and uncontrollable' events that...