Обложка книги Marsupial Sue

Marsupial Sue

ISBN: 0689874103;
Издательство: Aladdin
Страниц: 40

Amazon.comBeing a kangaroo certainly looks like a lot of fun, what with all the hopping and the hay eating. But who knew all that jumping around could cause such problems? Marsupial Sue, that's who, a smartly dressed young 'roo who can't abide by all the bouncing: "It rattled her brain. It gave her migraine. A back ache, side ache, tummy ache too." So John Lithgow recounts in 4/4 time--along with the jaunty, waltzy music and score on the CD that's included--in his secondforay into children's books ( The Remarkable Farkle McBride being the first). Probably best known as Dick Solomon on TV's 3rd Rock from the Sun , Lithgow brings his comic knack to this Down Under story about the importance of being yourself. Marsupial Sue might be intrigued by the idea of being a climbing koala or prawn-slurping platypus, but with Lithgow's cooing reassurance as the narrator, she eventually comes around: "Be happy with who you are. / Don't ever stray...

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