Обложка книги The Transmogrification of Roscoe Wizzle

The Transmogrification of Roscoe Wizzle

ISBN: 0763618802;
Издательство: Candlewick
Страниц: 128

Amazon.comRoscoe Wizzle notices many things. For instance, the way really weird situations can seem really normal. Or how "you never really know what you're going to think or when you're going to think it." Or the fact that there are "at least five different kinds of minutes"--from the Rubber Band to the Firecracker to the Sleeping Beauty. But the one thing that Roscoe somehow doesn't notice is that he is transmogrifying into a giant bug. (Roscoe quickly recounts the possible reasons for this oversight, beginning with "1. I don't spend much time looking into a mirror. Why should I? I am only ten years old.") What's worse is that this transformation might have something to do with the way kids have been disappearing from all over Roseville, including Charlie Bog and Judy Pongarongatong. And, however unlikely it may seem, there could be some connection with Gussy's--the place that serves Jungle Drum burgers alongside Jungle fries and Quicksand shakes. Will Roscoe and his...