Обложка книги Too Loud Lily

Too Loud Lily

ISBN: 0439579139;
Издательство: Scholastic Press
Страниц: 32

Amazon.comEnergetic Aussie author Sofie Laguna tells the story of an equally energetic (and very loud) young hippo in her second picture book--the first to be released in the U.S. and Canada. Little Lily Hippo just can't keep quiet, no matter how hard she tries: "'Lily Hippo, keep it down please--I can't hear myself think!' said Dad.... 'Lily Hippo, you make more noise than a herd of wild elephants!' said Lily's big brother." Even when she's trying to do something quiet, like reading a funny book, Lily can't help but crack up, rousting the whole family with her loud laughter. But when a new teacher comes to Lily's school--Miss Loopiola, a big, boisterous drama teacher, draped in sparkly jewelry and a bright red poncho--Lily learns that her loudness might have a purpose. When Lily politely tries to dance a "fast-stomping dance" very quietly, Miss Loopiola encourages her to "try stomping just a little louder this time, please!" With her volume unleashed in an appropriate place (on...