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Tripping Over the Lunch Lady: And Other School Stories

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· OZON.ru 1815р. [Проверить наличие]
ISBN: 0803728735
Издательство: Dial
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 192
Book DescriptionDo you remember middle school? Are you trying to forget, thank you very much? Well, these ten short stories will certainly remind young readers of the trials and tribulations of their everyday existence . . . and make them laugh out loud at the same time. From Angela Johnson's funny story about a klutzy girl who thinks that square dancing will save her from the evil trampoline in gym, to Jim Proimos's zany comic book story about always missing the bus, to Avi's imaginative story about an atrocious speller who manages to survive a robbery attempt and earn an A in English at the same time . . . each of these fictional stories humorously reflects those magical and not-so-magical school moments that we've all experienced. Photos and reminiscences of the authors from their own school days add a personal touch to the collection, letting kids know that they aren't the only ones who've had to suffer the indignity of pop quizzes and sloppy joes! Original...