Обложка книги Groundhog Gets a Say

Groundhog Gets a Say

ISBN: 039923876X;
Издательство: Putnam Juvenile
Страниц: 40

Book DescriptionIt?s February 3rd, and Groundhog is fed up! Every year, the day after hordes of people flock to his den, he?s forgotten. Well, this year, he?s stating his case (with Crow and Squirrel and Junior Groundhog listening) to designate February as Groundhog Appreciation Month. Did you know that groundhogs can run as fast as the average fourth grader? Or that they?re such good diggers that they can move seven hundred pounds of dirt and rocks in one day? And that?s just the beginning of what makes groundhogs so amazing. From the illustrator of the Junie B. Jones books and the author of the Melvil & Dewey books comes a funny, fact-filled look at what happens when one very proud groundhog gets his chance to speak out.