Обложка книги Lizzie McGuire: A Very Lizzie Summer (Lizzie Mcguire)

Lizzie McGuire: A Very Lizzie Summer (Lizzie Mcguire)

ISBN: 0786846348;
Издательство: Disney Press
Страниц: 272

Book DescriptionA Very Lizzie Summer (Lizzie McGuire Super Special): Get ready to jump into summer with this super-sized, totally original Lizzie McGuire junior novel! It's summertime and the living is sweet. Er, well, it's going to be if Lizzie finishesat the top of her junior lifeguard class. Then she'll get to assist that hottie head lifeguard at the Hillridge Community Pool for the rest of the summer. There's only one snag-Queen of Mean Kate Sanders wants the top spot too. Hello! Can you say sabotage? Will Lizzie get sunk or will she get a summer job near a hunk? Meanwhile, Lizzie's best friend, Miranda, starts crushin' on an Internet chat pal. And her other bestie, Gordo, gets an extremely disturbing extreme makeover. Get psyched for a sizzling summer with Lizzie!