Обложка книги Pajama Day

Pajama Day

ISBN: 0525473556;
Издательство: Dutton Juvenile
Страниц: 40

Book Description It's Pajama Day at school, when everyone in Mrs. Shepherd's class wears fuzzy slippers, eats a special breakfast snack, and lies down for reading time. Everyone, that is, except Drew A. Blank. Drew has forgotten his slippers, his snack, his teddy bear, and his pillow-he even forgot to wear pajamas! Drew would forget his own name if he didn't have it written on his hand as a reminder. He doesn't want to be the odd man out, so he comes up with all kinds of ingenious ways to join in the day's events. But later he has the nagging feeling he's forgetting something else. . . . Will he remember what it is in time?