Обложка книги Pete the Sheep-Sheep

Pete the Sheep-Sheep

ISBN: 061856862X;
Издательство: Clarion Books
Страниц: 32

Book DescriptionShaun is the new sheep shearer in Shaggy Gully. Since shearing is such hard work, all the other shearers have sheep dogs to help them. But not Shaun. His partner is Pete . . . a sheep- sheep! Pete has a polite way of rounding uphis charges, and Shaun is an expert shearer. The sheep are thrilled with this unconventional new team, but the other shearers—Ratso, Big Bob, and Bungo—are not. Luckily, Pete has a few ideas under his hat that are sure to please everyone. Bruce Whatley"s spirited illustrations bring to life Jackie French"s zany characters in this hilarious tribute to individuality and the working sheep.