Обложка книги Queen Sophie Hartley

Queen Sophie Hartley

ISBN: 0618494618;
Издательство: Clarion Books
Страниц: 144

Book DescriptionIt"s not easy being a nine-year-old kid in the middle of a busy, gifted family. Especially when the list of things you"re good at includes only two items—"Crying" and "Stopping crying"—and the list of things you"re not good atseems to be getting longer every day. When Sophie"s mom suggests that she"s good at being kind and just needs a little more practice, Sophie feels hopeful. But being kind to a grouchy old lady or her big sister, Nora, or the weird new girl at school isn"t as easy as it sounds. If only Sophie were a queen, she could practice being kind to commoners instead. It would be much more dignified and elegant. And she would finally get to wear her very own diamond tiara. . . . From the author of the popular Owen Foote books, here is a funny, observant novel about an irrepressible girl, as quirky and original in her own way as Owen is in his, in search of her own special talent.

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