Обложка книги The Children Who Smelled A Rat

The Children Who Smelled A Rat

ISBN: 0763628700;
Издательство: Candlewick
Страниц: 80

Book Description Early chapter book readers will chuckle their way through Allan Ahlberg's latest madcap tale about the resilient Gaskitts, in which Gus and Gloria take center stage. In this thrilling and amusing Gaskitts story, Mrs. Gaskittfinds a very peculiar package, Mr. Gaskitt loses a baby in a shopping cart, Horace the cat has mixed feelings about a bird, and the twins' beloved teacher, Mrs. Fritter — ooer! — is not herself. Why? How? When? And why does everyone keep looking the other way? Tune in for the astonishing answers in this silly story of the ever-surprising Gaskitt family, illustrated with comic finesse by Katharine McEwen.