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Heinz Riehl

Managing Risk in the Foreign Exchange, Money and Derivative Markets

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ISBN: 0-07-052673-7
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Год издания: 1998
Страниц: 346
Cutting through unneccessary detail and complicated technicalities. Managing Risk in the Foreign Exchange, Money, and Derivative Markets offers a no-nonsense approach on how to propel your success in the international trading market without engaging in unacceptable and often unknown risks. Clear, to the point, and packed with many real-life examples, this critical business tool gets to the information quickly and easily with the same approach Heinz Riehl uses so successfully in his seminars around the world. In Managing Risk in the Foreign Exchange, Money, and Derivative Markets. Riehl - a master of managing risks in treasury and derivatives and an internationally known expert who also pioneered many of the techniques described here - combines down-to-earth coverage of price risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk with a practical focus on risk versus return analysis. "Just making money is not good enough anymore!" he says. Each chapter contains pertinent...