Обложка книги When Guinea Pigs Fly (When Guinea Pigs Fly)

When Guinea Pigs Fly (When Guinea Pigs Fly)

ISBN: 0439518997;
Издательство: Scholastic Inc.
Страниц: 112

Book Description Brooks, Leone, and Allen are three guinea pigs who live a comfortable life at a pet store called The Natural Pet. One day a fellow named Needleman, who's smitten by the pet store owner, Aurora, purchases the trio of guinea pigs, and mistakenly releases them in a park. The guinea pigs, realizing that freedom isn't all they imagined it to be, begin their journey to get back to the pet store. Along the way, they encounter squirrels, pigeons, rats, and cockroaches. This being the first book in the series, the guinea pigs don't quite make it back, but the adventure is off and running!