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Janet Muirhead Hill

Miranda and Starlight (The Starlight Books, 1) (The Starlight Series, 6)

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ISBN: 0971416141
Издательство: Raven Pub
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 166
Book DescriptionRemember how books by Marguerite Henry, Mary O?hara and Walter Farley thrilled us? Weaving its story into the fabric of modern day western America, this new contemporary series does the same for today?s youth. Janet Muirhead Hill has created an ongoing saga involving an "orphaned" girl with a burning desire for a horse of her own. In this award-winning first volume, Miranda meets the horse of her dreams, Starlight. She yearns to own him so they can always be together. Through the disastrous results of her attempt to ride him, Miranda learns lessons in honesty, courage and self integrity. Now in its second printing, Miranda and Starlight entertains and encourages; thrills and edifies readers of all ages. These books have a positive impact, cultivating a love for reading and instilling important ideals. Although set in the world of horse lore, Miranda and Starlight was touted by Writer?s Notes Awards panelists as "more than a mere horse story....