Обложка книги Mist and Stone

Mist and Stone

ISBN: 0689857896;
Издательство: Simon Spotlight Entertainment
Страниц: 208

Book Description Shadows of tomorrow from the past are sown. On shifting sands and sorrows, veiled in mist or set in stone.... Paige Matthews is accustomed to the requirements of her job as a social worker, and she's willingto endure substandard pay, long hours, and emotional drain. After all, she wants to make a difference -- sometimes in a non-Charmed capacity. But she is unprepared for the anger and rage she encounters in Todd Corman, a young boy who has been bounced from caregiver to caregiver for so long that he doesn't trust authority. Still, Paige is sympathetic and determined to break through. But when Phoebe stops by the agency for a quick hello, she is rocked by a vision that involves Todd. Strangely, the vision is shrouded in fog. After some investigation, Leo explains that this particular mist has nothing to do with the weather, but rather suggests that Todd's fate may not be set in stone. Todd has been targeted, and if the Charmed Ones...

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