Обложка книги Shadow of the Sphinx

Shadow of the Sphinx

ISBN: 5-17-021743-9; 5-271-07935-X; 0689850808; 9780689850806;
Издательство: Simon Spotlight Entertainment
Страниц: 192

Book Description Shadow of the Sphinx Shifting sands, eternal dust, unending time moves as it must. But ancient wisdom works through me, time is mine -- where e'er I be. Paige Matthews is having aminor identity crisis. She is slowly but surely embracing her long lost sisters' witchy ways, but she doesn't want to overstep her boundaries. After all, she wouldn't ever want to replace Prue Halliwell -- even if she could. So Paige considers it a stroke of luck when, one day, her experiments with magic turn her into a cat. Who knew she had a knack for shape-shifting? One problem: She can't shift herself back. Her sisters inadvertently betray her when they deposit her at a local animal shelter. Suddenly she finds herself the familiar of a cult that worships ancient Egyptian deities, and is catapulted into ancient Egypt! Piper and Phoebe discover the identity of the stray cat and rally a rescue mission, only to discover another...