Обложка книги Starlight, Star Bright (The Starlight Books, 3) (Starlight)

Starlight, Star Bright (The Starlight Books, 3) (Starlight)

ISBN: 0971416125;
Издательство: Raven Pub.
Страниц: 192

Book DescriptionThe third book in the award-winning Starlight Series continues the adventures that form a bond of love between Miranda and Starlight. Mr. Cassius Taylor, owner of Shady Hills Horse Ranch and Starlight allows Miranda to come to his ranch as often as she can and tend to Starlight's needs. Miranda secretly works with Starlight, teaches him tricks and manners, and even rides him. Unaware of this, Mr. Taylor hires a trainer who uses rough methods to subdue the horse. Miranda feels compelled tocome to Starlight's rescue any time she sees an adult mistreating him. Readers will keep turning the pages as they share Miranda's many escapades; close calls, joyous adventures, developing friendships, heartaches, and triumphs that are found in this must-read volume.

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