Обложка книги Starlight's Shooting Star (Starlight Books, 4) (Starlight)

Starlight's Shooting Star (Starlight Books, 4) (Starlight)

ISBN: 0971416133;
Издательство: Raven Publishing
Страниц: 191

Book DescriptionMany suprises await the reader in this fourth book of the award-winning Starlight Series. Miranda is in sixth grade and disappointed in her new, fresh-out-of-college teacher, but forms new friendships with both adults and children. Even with being lost in a cave, coping with her grandfather's farm accident andinjury, visiting her mother in California, and dealing with the prospect of a new family, Miranda has plenty of time for horse adventures, mishaps and victories. When life's circumstances all seem to be taking a wrong turn, Miranda finds unexpected solutions. Author Hill brings a heart full of love to these books, conveying her deep affection and concern for children and her experience and connection with horses. Letters from young readers continue to express the difference a heartfelt story can make in their lives, like this one from Katherine Wade, age 11, of Dallas, Texas: "Before I read Miranda and Starlight, I hated reading. Your books have changed my...