Обложка книги Caillou Buenas Noches! (Estrella Polar)

Caillou Buenas Noches! (Estrella Polar)

ISBN: 158728345X;
Издательство: Two-Can Publishers
Страниц: 24

Book Description ?Buenas noches! follows Caillou through his evening routine. Caillou is a big boy now, so he stays up later than his baby sister. He has fun playing games and reading books with his mommy and daddy. When bedtime comes and Caillou's daddy closes his bedroom door, Caillou doesn't feel so big anymore. With the comforting sounds of his parents nearby, he is soon fast asleep. This title is one of the first from the popular "North Star" series of Caillou books to be available in Spanish! In this series, three-year-old Caillou is beginning to explore his place in the wider world. Conceived with a child psychologist, these books encourage personal growth and confidence by teaching children about themselves, familiar situations, and the challenges they may encounter in their daily lives. The clear illustrations and simple text provide ideal tools for language acquisition while fostering interaction between parent and child.

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