Обложка книги Count on Me (American Dreams)

Count on Me (American Dreams)

ISBN: 0689871708;
Издательство: Simon Spotlight Entertainment
Страниц: 192

Book Description Meg Pryor's life has really changed. Her brother's been shipped off to Okinawa, she broke up with Luke, and she's dating a college guy, Drew. He's unlike anyone Meg's ever known. Well informed and socially conscious, Drew has taught her to question the things she used to accept unhesitatingly. For the first time in her life, Meg can actually feel herself growing up. But when Meg gets involved in a rally that Drew's planning on campus, she never expects it to hurt people she caresabout. And she certainly doesn't expect to start feeling like Drew's more interested in his cause than in her. But he is right about one thing: Meg has to form her own opinions and start thinking for herself if she's really going to grow up and be takenseriously.