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Laura Driscoll

Disney Princess: Three Magical Moments : With Pop-up 3-D Viewer! (Disney Princess (Disney Press))

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ISBN: 0786834749
Издательство: Disney Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 24
Book DescriptionEver heard the saying 'good things come in threes' or 'third time's the charm'? Well, three sure seems to be a lucky number for Cinderella, Jasmine, and Ariel! What three things changed Cinderella's life forever and brought her together with her Prince Charming? What was in the air the third time Jasmine and Aladdin met? What happened on day three of Ariel's attempt to win Prince Eric's heart? Find out in Three Magical Moments-where little princesses can relive three monumental moments inthe love stories of three Disney princesses, and gaze through the special pop-up viewer to see the scenes in amazing 3-D!