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Jim Pascoe

Disney's Kim Possible: Attack of the Killer Bebes - Book #7 : Chapter Book (Kim Possible)

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ISBN: 0786846240
Издательство: Disney Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 80
Book DescriptionKim Possible's rocket scientist dad, Dr. Possible, is getting ready for his big class reunion when his brainy buddies begin to disappear. No big for Kim, who quickly cracks the case. Turns out the kidnappers are a trio of robotic warrior women named Bebe, Bebe, and Bebe. The real question is why? Why would someone send killer Bebes to kidnap a bunch of geeky guys? Strangely enough, the answer may be buried in Dr. Possible's past . . . and the evil Dr. Drakken's.