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William M. Shernoff

Fight Back and Win: How to Get Hmo and Health Insurance to Pay Up

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ISBN: 0887231721
Издательство: Boardroom Books
Год издания: 1999
Страниц: 132
The health care system in this country is broke; and more than ever, the evidence supports the contention that managed health care providers care more about healthy profits than healthy people. FIGHT BACK AND WIN is a practical how-to for all those Americans who worry that their heath care coverage won't be there when they need it. Chapters include: How to Get Your HMO to Pay Up; Bothersome HMO Traps to Watch Out For; Practical Tips to Follow so that You Don't End Up in an HMO Dispute; Legal Tips to Follow if Your Claim Is Denied; How Ordinary People Fought HMOs. . .and Won; Answers to the 9 Most Commonly Asked Coverage Questions; The Awful ERISA Scandal; Sample Letter to Your Member of Congress; Insurance Traps that Can Effectively Cancel Your Coverage; What Your Insurance Company Won't Tell You; What to Do if an Insurance Company Tries to Rescind Your Policy...