Обложка книги Thunderbirds: The Junior Novel (Thunderbirds)

Thunderbirds: The Junior Novel (Thunderbirds)

ISBN: 0060586680;
Издательство: HarperFestival
Страниц: 144

International Rescue, the top secret organization founded by ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, is renowned for its daring missions. Tracy and his sons are known by the name they gave their incredible machines: Thunderbirds. But now IR's headquarters have been captured by The Hood, a maniacal genius with a vengeful plan to destroy the Thunderbirds. Standing in his way are young Alan Tracy and his friends -- science-whiz Fermat, the fearless Tin-Tin, and secret agent Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward.With many lives at stake and time running out, Alan must defeat The Hood. All he has are his wits, his friends, and his fierce desire to prove himself a full-fledged Thunderbird!