Обложка книги Inside the Music

Inside the Music

ISBN: 1930648987;
Издательство: Goose River Press
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionW here does fame begin? And what do we give up in our lives in order to achieve it? Josef is a 13 year old violin prodigy who dreams of being a great star just like his fellow prodigious friends who attend one of the world?s great conservatories along with him. He was always able to handle the pressure, until a dramatic turning point in his life, and a bizarre and frightening mystery leave him betrayed and questioning friendships and ideals he had always taken for granted. He is conflicted about how to fit into the "normal" world of teenage peers yet not give up the discipline and hours needed to become the best. He gives us a rare glimpse into the struggles, closeness, loves, losses, and competition among this elite group. Inside the Music brings the advanced middle school and high school reader inside a world that most would never have the chance to enter.