Обложка книги Kicking & Screaming: The Movie Novel

Kicking & Screaming: The Movie Novel

ISBN: 0060772530;
Издательство: HarperKidsEntertainment
Страниц: 144

Book Description Sam's soccer team is having trouble. Ambrose keeps kicking the ball out of bounds. Hunter runs fast, but he doesn't always run the right way. And Conner, the goalie, can't seem to block any shots. To make matters worse, Sam's dad, Phil, is the team's coach, and he doesn't know anything about soccer. Instead, he's obsessed with beating his own dad, Sam's grandfather, who coaches the best team in the league. Going up against his dad is something Phil has been doing his whole life ... and, as Sam knows, he always loses. But when Sam's team starts racking up wins with the help of two new players, Phil is in danger of doing something much worse than losing -- becoming just like his dad!

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