Обложка книги Max the Mighty Superhero

Max the Mighty Superhero

ISBN: 1894222687;
Издательство: Lobster Press
Страниц: 95

Book DescriptionMore than anything else, Max wants to be rich and famous before he's 13. But his get-rich-quick schemes often end in spectacular disaster. In this episode, Max thinks that saving lives and doing good deeds might just be the ticket, especially if reward money is involved. But there aren't any Wanted posters at the local police station, nobody seems to need or want his help, his best friend Sid is getting impatient, and Officer Todd tells Max sternly to leave the police work to professionals. In spite of the roadblocks, Max manages to sniff out a real down-and-dirty dognapper, and he and Sid surprise themselves when they emerge as the heroes of the day.