Обложка книги Pyrates #02 (Pyrates)

Pyrates #02 (Pyrates)

ISBN: 0439368529;
Издательство: Scholastic Paperbacks
Страниц: 176

Book DescriptionNow that George and his friends have explored the mysterious tunnels beneath his house and discovered the journal of the pirate Captain Kidd, they begin to believe there really is a treasure. But the only truly real thing is the danger.There is still a lot they don't know. They know there are 4 maps, but they don't know what they lead to. They know there are weird guys hanging out in the tunnels. And it looks like someone's been digging, but why? They know the tunnels are lined with booby traps. But who set them? They know the truth is hidden down there. But is it worth it?

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