Обложка книги The Deep End Gang

The Deep End Gang

ISBN: 092914189X;
Издательство: Napoleon Publishing
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionTwelve-year-old Martin Jessup, teller of tall tales and other untruths, cannot understand his sister's objections to the family's move from the big city to a quiet town. With Dad in the military, moving is a fact of life. Settling into his new home, Martin is intrigued by a deserted house across the street and by an unfriendly neighbour, who seems to be waiting for something to happen. He and new friends Granger and Holly form a club that meets in the deep end of an empty swimming pool. They tell Martin that the deserted house is all that remains of the Govier estate and about an unsolved mystery--the disappearance years ago of Victor Govier. One night, Martin sees a light in the deserted house and the adventures of the Deep End Gang begin.

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