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Jim Razzi

The Sherluck Bones Mystery-Detective: Book 2

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ISBN: 0595290892
Издательство: Mystery Writers of America Presents
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 62
Book DescriptionBe A Detective! How did Sherluck Bones know that a 'ghost' wasn't real? Who stole the Kennelwood Museum's prized stuffed owl? How did Bones solve the mystery of the misplaced signpost? Sherluck Bones, the world's greatest detective, can solve any mystery! You can, too, if you follow the clues. "Bones and Scotson have engaging personalities." —The Reading Teacher "Students can test younger siblings' deductive skills." —Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute "Recommended books." —Omaha Public School System "Sherluck Bones Series" —State of Calif. 3rd Grade Recommended Core Reading Be A Detective!