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Dan Greenburg

The Worst Bully In The Entire Universe

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ISBN: 0439439396
Издательство: Scholastic Paperbacks
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 128
Book Description It's April Fools! Over and over and over again... That's right, some evildoer is playing pranks across the entire country! There are whoopee cushions on school buses. Silly glasses on the faces of Mount Rushmore. This prankster is pulling off some pretty peculiar plots! But who better to put a stop to these childish stunts than our eleven-year old superhero? In fact, he's already got some suspects. Like Super Sid -- the all-too-perfect superhero that everyone loves to hate. Or could there be a new bully at the heart of all this mischief and mayhem? Maximum Boy is on the case!