Обложка книги Bsk Holiday Special (Ogres Don't Hunt Easter Eggs)

Bsk Holiday Special (Ogres Don't Hunt Easter Eggs)

ISBN: 0439408342;
Издательство: Scholastic Paperbacks
Страниц: 96

Book Description There are some weird grown-ups living in Bailey City. But could the man fixing up the park for the town Easter egg hunt really be an ogre? It's been raining ever since Brutus Bigg arrived in town. And even though he's supposed to fix up the park, he seems to be messing it up so no one will go there and bother him. Is Mr. Bigg an ogre trying to claim the park as his home? The Bailey School Kids are going to find out...but will they be able to stop him in time for the Spring Festival?Pages of super spring puzzles and activities inside!

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Book Description<div>There are some pretty weird grown-