Обложка книги Discovery at Flint Springs

Discovery at Flint Springs

ISBN: 0670059463;
Издательство: Viking Books
Страниц: 153

Book DescriptionFor fourteen-year-old Riley McDaniels and his brother Coy, it looks as though it's going to be a long, hot summer. There's not much to do on the ranch but tend to the cattle, and with no one else around for miles, the brothers have only each other for company. But a surprise visit from their friend Aaron Kaplan changes all of that. Not only does Aaron arrive in an airplane, but he brings an expert on archeology with him. As it turns out, the McDaniels' ranch just might be home to some important archaeological sites! Before long, Riley and his family find themselves caught up in the excitement of searching for evidence of ancient people, and learning--sometimes the hard way-- just how difficult it can be to protect history