Обложка книги Last Breath (Body of Evidence)

Last Breath (Body of Evidence)

ISBN: 0689865260;
Издательство: Simon Pulse
Страниц: 304

Book Description "When a psycho wants to make a statement, and nobody gets it, he's only going to say it louder the next time." Jenna thought spending her summer in Somerset would be quiet and relaxing. With classes over and the students home on break, the campus is a ghost town. But the summer is not chock-full of R & R. In fact, her latest case at the medical examiner's office is anything but quiet. A psycho killer is on a rampage, drowning the victims in Boston's most public places. It seems everyone is talking about the murders, yet no one has any leads. Then Jenna uncovers a key piece of evidence, and she is quickly drawn into the puzzle. But the closer they get to the killer, the more frequent -- and more violent -- the drownings become. And before Jenna realizes how deep in she's gotten, it's suddenly sink or swim time for her...literally.

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