Обложка книги Silent Night-wicked Night

Silent Night-wicked Night

ISBN: 1594673195;
Издательство: Xulon Press
Страниц: 268

On an early morning ride near a California highway, a red SUV blurs by. At the sound of screaming tires, Vangie Seurbeau turns in the saddle, becoming a horrified witness to her mother?s death. Maybe if she?d made a different choice, it wouldn?t have happened. Now beyond choices, she?s hurled into change out of her control. Her grief-stricken father, a brilliant medical researcher, sells their ranch. Guilt-filled and lonely, Vangie leaves nearly everything familiarand loved behind. She accompanies her dad on an assignment that will take her into the jungles of Brazil?s Amazon rainforest. Before they leave . . . an odd phone call. On the trip . . . unsettling glances, coincidental encounters, and a shadowy black vehicle. All have Vangie constantly looking over her shoulder. What is the sinister darkness she senses following her? Should she dismiss it as stress or simply a vivid imagination? In Brazil, Vangie finds friendship with Kaleigh Roberts, a...